Piste map

At Sjusjøen Ski center there are 4 lifts and 8 pists, with a total of 7 kilometers. The pistes have a height difference of 250 meters and the longest piste is 2,2 kilometers. All pistes are groomed every dag.

The chair lift with 6 seats brings you to the top of Natrudstilen. There is a fantastic view at the top! At the top you will also find a small café that serves the best cinnamon rolls, freshly baked. The café is open all Saturdays and Sundays, during Christmas, Easter and in the winter holidays in week 8 and 9.  

PisteDegree of difficultyExplanation
1. UtsiktsløypaGreenEasy
2. NatrudstilløypaBlueEasy to medium
3. Skogløypa (A+B)BlueEasy to medium
4. Skogshenget BlackFor very experienced skiiers
5. FjelldokkaRedMedium for experienced skiiers
6. EftasbakkenGreenEasy
7. BarnebakkenGreenEasy
8. Terrain parksBlackFor very experienced skiiers

Childrens area

Sjusjøen Skisenter has seperate area and pists for children and beginners. This pist and the lift is free for all guests. You will find this area in the lower part of the ski center, behind the café. This is a very easy pist of 250 meters and the lift is easy to use, it is a conveyor belt. There are fun elements that makes skiing very fun for the youngest children . The pist "Eftasbakken" is closest to the childrens area. This is a nice pist when children and beginners need more challenges. In "Eftasbakken" there are also fun elements as jumps and boxes for the more experienced once.

Sjusjøen Terrain park

In the Terrain park you will find a number of varied rails, boxes and jumps. The Terrain park is popular amongst snowboard-runners and twintip-skiiers. The Terrain park has facilities for both beginners and experienced skiiers.

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