Ski rental 2022-2023

The ski rental is open at the same dates as the alpine pists are open. Rental of cross country skis can be arranged at other dates as well. Contact us then at

The ski rental opens at 09:30 in the morning. We will support you with the right skiing equipment for your skiing skills. We offer skiing equipment for all ages and sizes. You can also rent sled (pulk) for children.

Number of days / Prices in NOK1234567EX.
Alpine package, complete, 2 - 6 years265,-395,-530,-610,-665,-715,-770,-55,-
Alpine skis, 2 - 6 years190,-285,-380,-435,-475,-515,-550,-45,-
Alpine package, complete, 7 - 15 years320,-480,-640,-735,-800,-865,-925,-70,-
Alpine skis, 7 - 15 years 240,-370,-500,-580,-635,-690,-740,-45,-
Alpine boots 2 - 15 years150,-225,-300,-345,-375,-405,-435,-35,-
Alpine package, complete 16 years +390,-585,-780,-895,-975,-1050,-1130,-70,-
Alpine skis 16 years +305,-455,-610,-700,-760,-820,-885,-50,-
Alpine boots, 16 years +200,-300,-400,-460,-500,-540,-580,-35,-
Snowboard, complete 7 - 15 years320,-480,-640,-735,-800,-865,-925,-70,-
Snowboard, complete 16 years +430,-645,-860,-985,-1075,-1160,-1245,-80,-
Snowboard, 7 - 15 years240,-370,-500,-580,-635,-690,-740,-45,-
Snowboard, 16 years +305,-455,-610,-700,-760,-820,-885,-50,-
Snowboard boots, 7 - 15 years150,-225,-300,-345,-375,-405,-435,-35,-
Snowboard boots, 16 years + 200,-300,-400,-460,-500,-540,-580,-35,-
Rope for children110,-165,-220,-250,-275,-300,-320,-20,-
Cross Country skis with skins, 12 years +425,-640,-850,-980,-1065,-1150,-1235,-80,-
Cross Country skis with skins, 4 - 11 years295,-450,-595,-685,-745,-805,-865,-60,-
Sled (Pulk)400,-600,-800,-920,-1000,-1080,-1160,-80,-

SKI PACKAGE COMPLETE includes skis/snowboard, boots, poles and helmet.

Alpine skis and snowboard: NOK 20,- pr day is recommended. The insurance fee covers random damages on skiing equipment.
Cross Country skis: Mandatory insurance fee of NOK 100 per day. The insurance fee covers random damages on skiing equipment.

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